Severely Injured in Battle
April 14,1945


April 14, 1945, was the first day of the 10th Mountain Division’s spring offensive in Italy. Known as “Operation Craftsmen,” the mission was to overtake German soldiers scattered through the hills and valleys of the Apennine Mountains and gain control of northern Italy. This offensive would result in 462 injuries and 98 deaths over the next two days. The objective for Dole’s platoon was to take Hill 913—a mission that members of the platoon would later call “a suicide mission.” The hill was located across a mine laden field covered by snipers in the hills above and machine gunners in a stone farmhouse on the right. After watching the first platoon march directly into the line of fire, the company commander ordered Dole’s platoon to flank the stone farmhouse and take out the gunners inside. Dole guided his men into a grassy ravine where there was a brief exchange of fire before Dole was hit by exploding shrapnel in his right shoulder. He laid on the battlefield, unable to feel either of his arms, exposed to the machine gun fire still coming from the farm house. He yelled for help and the two rounds of medics trying to rescue him were gunned down themselves.” He was eventually reached by Sergeant Frank Carafe who dragged him back.